BIRBOUT! is a platform-shooter hybrid game that mixes the fun of simple 2D platforming with projectile-based shooter gameplay.

Join Sunny as she defeats the plovers who stole her seeds and rescues Snowy, her best friend, after he was stolen away by Desmond the Cat.

As of 15th July 2021, V0.3.1 is out as a playable 5 level demo on Steam. V0.4 will be out in the very near future, being a full prerelease version with most of the content in the game. 

Older versions of BIRBOUT! are called Sunny The Cockatiel, as the name change happened early September of 2020.

33 weapons, 37 stages, and a lot of seeds to collect, this is BIRBOUT!.

So... what's up next?

Here's a sneek peek on what's up next (as of July 2021)

BIRBOUT! is very close to being done. After some preperations, I will have a V0.4 prerelease up soon on Steam as an Early Access whilst I get everything ready for the full release.

We are a small indie game studio, and by we I mean I. I ask for your patience in getting the game done, since I usually have work or study obligations.

Thanks for reading!